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The main benefits to choose HomeUp

We manage your apartments with great care and professionalism. Guaranteeing you and your customers a top-rated service, with transparency and integrity.

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    Occupancy Rate

    HomeUp's expert marketing strategies and wide-reaching partnerships result in an impressive 95% average occupancy rate for our managed properties.

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    Higher Returns

    Property owners partnering with HomeUp enjoy an average of 20% higher rental returns compared to self-managed properties, thanks to our tailored approach and market expertise.

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    Satisfied Landlords

    With a growing portfolio of 500+ satisfied landlords, HomeUp's commitment to exceptional service and successful rental management is evident in our long-term partnerships.

Unlock your property's potential

Our worldwide network can provide you unlimited access to expertise and many other perks, with little or no effort at all.

  • Full coverage

    Experience ease with HomeUp's full coverage. We handle listings, bookings, and guest inquiries, ensuring stress-free management for optimal returns.

  • Tailored marketing strategy

    Highlight your property's uniqueness. HomeUp's tailored strategies attract the right guests, maximizing potential across top platforms.

  • Access to unlimited expertise

    Benefit from our industry experts. Get advice on renovations, design, and market trends to optimize your rental's appeal and value.


How it works

By collaborating with professional photographers, we improve the properties’ exposure across all platforms. Through the use of media channels and market-led strategies, such as holiday promotions and data analytics, our full coverage will generate higher returns while maintaining a direct partnership with the landlord and assuring loyalty and quality throughout the seasons.

With a full engagement from our marketing and booking practices, our aim to to provide landlords with a hands-off approach and guarantee a higher return. A preferential channel between the agency and the landlord will create a welcoming and suitable stay for all tenants.

If necessary, we are open to provide advice on properties’ renovation and liaise with real estate experts on designs and display.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to your property rental questions

We meticulously curate properties, considering factors like location, amenities, and quality. Our team handles all aspects of property management to ensure a seamless experience for both landlords and tenants.

What benefits does HomeUp offer to property owners?

With HomeUp, property owners can enjoy hassle-free management, increased visibility through marketing strategies, and a higher return on their investment.
We conduct thorough market analysis and take into account property features, location, seasonality, and demand to determine competitive rental rates.
Our professional team manages all tenant inquiries, bookings, and communication, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for both guests and property owners.
Yes, absolutely! HomeUp offers flexible options for property owners to use their accommodations for personal stays while maximizing rental opportunities.

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We're here to help! Reach out to HomeUp's dedicated team.

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